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Hi! We are Jeff, Lisa, Travis and Luke Williams!

We live in Enumclaw, Washington about 45 miles southeast of Seattle.

Jeff is a Research Associate at Immunex Corporation and Lisa works as a Safety and Health Specialist for the City of Seattle.

Travis is 11 years old and a 5th grader at Maple Valley Christian School. He likes snowboarding, playing video games, going target shooting with his dad, and playing soccer.

Luke is the newest member of our family. He was born on May 7, 1996 in Kivertsi, Ukraine and joined our family on June 27, 2000. He was 4 years and 2 monts old when he came home. He likes to play outside on his battery operated motorcycle and going to kindergarten at his big brother's school. He plays soccer and loves jumping on the trampoline.

Travis and Luke

Travis and his new little brother, Luke!


One year later! Travis and Luke have both grown and matured so much! They are 10 and 5 in this picure.

Luke and Travis
Luke loves his new big brother!


We love to do things as a family.

Jeff, Lisa and Travis like to go golfing together!

We all love to go boating and do it every chance we get!